Blurring the lines

Today I experienced a dream come true. I have been worried lately about my period due to an unfortunate turn of events in an otherwise enjoyable experience. So, like the good little lady I am, I went and purchased a pregnancy test a few days ago.
I finally remembered to take it this morning.
Just before my alarm went off, I had a dream in which there was A LOT of blood. A really unnecessary amount. So, I wake up, go take my test and realize what’s happened. Of course the test is negative.
So, I am paranoid as all heck. I also should note that I take a pregnancy test every other month or so. I also have a very irregular period that concerns me quite a bit.

So, I really wanted to have my period, I had a dream about it and then it happened. I consider that a dream come true. What do you think?


2 responses to “Blurring the lines

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a woman being so excited to get her period. Well, I guess I can see why you would be in that case. If worst comes to worst, hopefully it’s not too far to the nearest abortion clinic.

    • Lol I’m less worried about being pregnant and more worried about there being another issue. And, I do believe the nearest PP does abortions if it comes to that.

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