Get paid for it!

I have never wanted to be paid for taking photos. It’s just something I enjoy doing. But, a friend has suggested on many occasions that I should do senior photos and charge for it. Well, I would really rather not. I mean, I need a bit more practice and some new ideas.

I don’t quite have the eye for quality that most professional photographers have. Plus, I feel like I am taking away from their ability to make a living by taking their clients for dirt cheap.

My parents are having me do my sisters photos anyways so I figured I would invite her boyfriend to go as well and have a nice couples shoot as well as a senior photo shoot. I think they’ll enjoy it and I might be able to get some lovey-dovey shots in there as well.

So, I went to talk to our neighbor, whose son is a friend of my sister and tell her about the idea. I was trying to ask what she would be willing to pay for having that done but never got around to it. I just told her that she’d have to pay for the prints that she wanted and we could just order it from Walgreens. Unless the parents want matte photos.

Oh boy, this is getting way out of hand. I think a morning shoot will work best. The lighting will be ideal. Midday shooting is difficult to get the lighting right due to the harshness of it.

So much to consider! So little time. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.


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