It’s overwhelming

The fires earlier this year were terrifying, knowing those in the burn area who lost homes, property, and everything they owned. But now we have flooding.

It’s so overwhelming. I wish I could cry and cry and it would sort itself out and life can go back to normal. But it’s not going to happen any time soon. Streets have been washed away near my house, roads closed, and people are being swept away into drains. The lake near my sisters home is threatening to burst through the dam.

The truth of this sunk in last night when my sister and nephews evacuated to our home. Yesterday, it took me just over an hour to get to work, a normally 30 minutes drive in traffic. I left after only three hours, and ended up getting home after more than two hours meandering through the flooded streets.

I wish this were over already, the streets were dry and everything was back to normal. Have a good day and I will get back to my “biblical rains”.


5 responses to “It’s overwhelming

  1. A few years ago there was a community just outside of where I live that basically just burned down. Not the whole town, but a large chunk of it did. It was incredibly scary and all the homes, businesses, etc. that burned down was just tragic. Hopefully this will come to an end soon.

    • It seems to have ended ok. A few deaths and lots of flooding further north toward Wyoming. They’re showing this mobile home park on all the news channels that is completely submerged and all I can think is “Those poor people!” Their tragedy has become the face of this storm system. Sunny skies in Denver and Aurora today.

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