If I ignore the awkward text messages, they’ll go away, right? I can just pretend it isn’t there?

I currently have a text message sitting in my inbox that I’m apprehensive to open. I know what it says; I got a glimpse when it came in. But I don’t know how to respond.

I have a friend who has liked me for a long time. I have told him repeatedly that I do not like him in that way but he keeps trying to make it happen. Tonight he sent me a text essentially saying that he wants to tell me he loves me.

If we were closer, I’d not think twice about it. But his continued interest its starting to unnerve me. I do not share his sentiment.

However, there it’s another wrench in the story. He has a learning disability, quite noticeable. So, I’m always very nice and respectful toward him. But dating him? No thanks. We don’t really have much in common to be quite honest.

So, I’m going to leave it for now, pretend I was asleep when I got it (it came in at 1130), and tackle it in the morning.

Any suggestions? I don’t want to damage the guy, but I need to get it across (firmly) that I have no romantic feelings for the him.


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  1. Poor lad. I would just try to tell him as directly as possible so it’s clear that it will never happen. I would then give spending time with him a break so he has time to process and accept it.

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