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Any Of My Readers Able To Offer Any Advice?

Perpetual Musings

It’s time to get real.

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty off. Actually, that’s not even close to the truth; I’ve been absolutely hysterical about everything, and it should have struck me as odd earlier on that I’m never quite this exhausted after a hard days work. Like, typing feels like a chore.

After careful deliberation that it wasn’t just all in my head since I’ve been making incredible headway spiritually and mentally, I decided I should think outside the box a little. So I turned to my frenemy Google. After considering having a stomach flu for a while, a thyroid disease, diabetes, and every other worst-case-scenario, I narrowed it down and did some math.

Turns out, I’ve got a bun in the oven. I don’t know how far along, but it couldn’t be less than 2 months as that was the last time Scott and I were intimate. Break up…

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