Romance isn’t Dead

Working for a newspaper, we get to talking on a lot of subjects. Our employee pool falls into two age groups: 55-65 and 25-35.

The other day we were discussing what to write for St. Valentine’s Day as our paper comes out on Feb. 12. It came down to asking everyone’s opinion of romance and whether or not we’ve got it.

The older three were talking about how romantic they and their spouses are and then pointing out how the younger people in their lives aren’t romantic. So, they asked me (as my coworker has no type of dating experience) how I felt about receiving gifts. After interrupting me many times to express different views, I finally got them settled down to explain my viewpoint, with continued interruptions.

I said that I do not consider myself romantic. When holidays roll around, I discourage the person I’m seeing from buying me anything or giving me anything. This is done for many reasons. I was in college for a long time and as such dated people in college who had no job or income. So, I told them to save their money for things they needed. I am still dating someone with no job, but who is in school.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving gifts and little cards and whatnot. I just don’t want the person I’m seeing to feel obligated to give me some extravagant gift.

I feel awkward getting gifts. I mean, I’m 25. If I will throw a fit over NOT getting a gift, that’s childish. I enjoy attention, kisses, small touches, big touches, and just knowing that he is there if I need him.

Now comes the hard part. Am I romantic? YES YES YES! How do I know? I love buying small gifts for the person I’m with. I’ve handmade cards and sent them through the mail with some heartfelt message on them. I will wait and wait for the person of my interest to talk to me, turning down every last person until I get an answer. I will take him out to dinner, pay for everything, and even drive. This isn’t me being all self-righteous. This is me wanting to spend time with and shower love, affection, and gifts upon, the apple of my eye.

So, is romance dead? No, it’s not. It’s just different. It’s not the same “Leave it to Beaver” or “The Andy Griffith Show” recipe of romance that my parents had, but it is definitely NOT dead. It’s just different.


5 responses to “Romance isn’t Dead

  1. Being a romantic is kinda hammered into guys’ heads from a very early age. At least for me it was. I would watch all these people who on Feb 14th would SHOWER their significant others with gifts and flowers and thousands of balloons on Valentine’s Day, and I would think “Oh, so that’s how you keep a relationship happy. People like gifts, right?”

    I am more of an aspiring romantic. Though I want to be sweet and give things, even intangible things to my significant other, sometimes I do not get the opportunity. It sucks when you can’t, and feel like you are getting all the gifts and such. So when I am able to give back to them, I am very happy to see that joy on their faces.

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