Do Journalists Tell The Truth?

The truth as they know it, I’d say…

Don Charisma

Bit of a rhetorical question really, as I have already formed my own opinions. A copy of a British newspaper handed out on Etihad airways, “The Daily Mail”, was enough to remind me that it’s nothing to do with reporting truth.

Well even the above sentence wasn’t “the truth”. Actually, I had to pick up the newspaper from a stand prior to boarding the plane, so technically it wasn’t “handed out”. It was self-service so wasn’t actually even offered. It might have been if I’d been flying business or first. But I wasn’t.

Funny how short-cuts in writing could end up being “not the truth”.

Perhaps there’s a broader question. With so many people valuing truth and honesty so highly, how come there is so much rubbish printed, that’s frankly just spun to suit the writer or the writer’s bosses agenda ? Or more’s the point how come people actually…

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