When you step over the line

There is really no going back. There are certain things I expect in a relationship. Discussion, honesty, true emotion, and openness. There are others that have fallen by the wayside that are important to me but are a sore spot in the current relationship.

Keeping your dates and following through are huge. You can talk about what a great piano player you are until you’re blue in the face and I may believe you for a time, but eventually you will have to show me.

I get stood up on the weekends quite often. I am asked to give up an afternoon or an hour or any amount of time, really, and I do so willingly with the expectation that the person who reserves it will not waste my time.

But what happens when someone consistently wastes your time, leaves you waiting? It’s like “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” You quit waiting. You may agree to get together still, but you no longer wait around for the other person who rarely keeps their appointments with you.

I am told I am being cruel when asked by this person to get together on a Saturday afternoon and I ask “why, when you’re not going to show up?” I am cruel when I question their request to meet. I am cruel when I point out that the reason behind my comments are past experiences. As in being stood up more than three times with no explanation: no phone call, no text message, no Facebook message, no smoke signals, nothing.

I feel as if I am not allowed to be hurt by the lack of respect for my time. I feel as if I should be waiting around constantly for people to get around to keeping their word. I’m tired of waiting. I’m ready to move on to better pastures. Should I move on or should I continue waiting for things to get better?


One response to “When you step over the line

  1. If you’re asking this question it seems as though you know the answer. To quote my favorite Fleetwood Mac song “players only love you when they’re playing.” It seems as though you’ve given him plenty of opportunities to redeem himself and he has failed to do so each time. You know the whole “fool me twice” thing. I say it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

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