Just the thought gives me a headache. Maybe because I’m not thinking of normal stress. My normal stress levels are very high. During times of high stress, I can feel my blood pressure rise very high. It has been scary at times. I have sat there and told myself that I was going to die early if I don’t find a less stressful job.

So, yesterday was a pretty good day at work. It wasn’t too stressful and I got a lot done. Until the late afternoon when all my coworkers had a meeting.

They were meeting to figure out how to make the accounting department more efficient and how to get invoices processed more quickly. I’m going to be honest here. I have no idea how to make accounting more efficient. It boggles my mind that the company is doing quite well for itself but it’s not collecting because the invoices are backed up to April.

Anyways, my boss is very bull-headed and take-charge. She also has her own issues with time management. She hired someone else to do the payroll as well, in an attempt to get the invoices done. However, everything must still be done from the same computer, which really drags on the company.

So, the four of them (Classifieds, Accounting, Boss, and Payroll) met. And things got heated. Very heated. So, what did I do? I went and hid in a corner with the music turned up loudly like a child. I don’t want to hear the arguments. I don’t want to know what’s happening. It was like going back to my childhood when my parents would fight, except without the violence (I think. I wasn’t listening, remember?) and it just freaked me out unbelievably.

My boss then came over and apologized to me that things got heated, which was really weird. But, I accepted her apology and told her I didn’t hear anything over the music.

So, this is one of the problems I have with being in an open concept office: everything is open and there is zero privacy. Very awkward when things get heated.


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