Familial unrest

I cannot wait to be away from home. Not because of my parents or Katie and Becca, but because of the shade I’m getting from my brother-in-law…I don’t know what I did to offend him so badly but he should keep his negative comments about people to himself. Or at least wait until the person he’s talking smack about is out of earshot…

He has been giving me some pretty bad vibes since Labor Day. I got my youngest sister grounded because of an oversight. And after that, my nephews started telling me that their daddy was calling me bad names because of that. But today was the first time I’d seen him since then. The four nephews stayed the weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house so today my sister and her husband came to collect them.

There had been some drama over the course of the weekend, specifically the second oldest, who is ten. wet the bed last night. He sneaked in this morning to take a shower before anyone would find out. My dad was up, though so he asked why he was taking a shower and got the “I just wanted to” answer. My dad, ever the suspicious one, asked him if he had wet the bed. He said no. So my dad asked him four more times and every time he said no.

My dad found out that he had, in fact, wet the bed and lost it. He was not speaking to the nephew for the entire morning except to direct snide comments at him.

So, the youngest nephew told his parents that the ten year old had wet the bed and there was some banter about it. One said to him not to be a tattle-tail, to which my sister told him that he needed to let her know what went on and it wasn’t tattling. My brother in law retorted that he should have kept it to himself. If he tattled, the nephew would end up like me and they don’t want that, do they?

At that point, I put away the game I was playing and sat silently waiting for them to GTFO. I hate not wanting to see my nephews because I love my family and I enjoy spending time with them, but right now, I don’t want to even SPEAK to any of them, kids included. I don’t want to make waves and I don’t want my nephews to be negatively compared to me.


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