Grad school woes

This honestly isn’t anything bad.

I’m enrolled currently in the Emporia State University SLIM (School of Library and Information Management) program, moving toward obtaining my Masters of Library Science (MLS). I am in my second semester and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’m O.K. with the reading so far. I’ll have to pound some out tomorrow but we shall see. The way that the program works, each class in the first two semesters include two weekends where we meet in person.

Two people are no longer in the class but I hope they’ve out dropped out of the program.

I’m really enjoying the course work and am having a great time meeting people. While there are some people I like, I’m trying to be kind and inclusive of everyone. I found out one of my classmates had to get a job at McDonald’s in the mornings to make things work for his family. I don’t know if that’s why he was kind of distant this weekend and a bit more solitary, but I hope things improve for him soon. He’s such a great guy and a great librarian. Another person, I found out, recently got a boyfriend. This girl is, in my opinion, a bit snobbish and her voice is one that says “I’m above you.” She even points her face and chin toward the ceiling when she talks so she has to look down her nose at whoever she’s talking to. But, I’m happy for her. Completely. Everyone deserves love in their lives, right? And yet another, who is one of those show-off military types, was talking with a group of us about Europe and being stationed in Italy, so I mentioned that my uncle and sister were in Germany, and one thing led to another and it turns out this guy knows my uncle. CRAZY!

But, aside from the people, the coursework is great. It can be a bit dry in places but the knowledge and skills I’m gaining are going to be so important in my life, no matter what happens from here. “Information-seeking behavior” and “Organization of Information” are some pretty dry topics, let’s be honest. But the textbooks for them are at least easy to read and understand.

I look forward to the next 5 semesters with this awesome group.


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