Out with the old, in with the new!

Or so the saying goes. However, I like my “old” stuff. I like my old friends. I like my old computer. I like my old shoes. I like my old books and my old XBox 360 and my old games.

But on the flip side, I also like new things. I like meeting new people, having new experiences. I enjoy reading new books and seeing new movies. But those events, all the “new” in my life is so sporadic.

I got a new computer, which I built piece-by-piece. It is something to behold but I should have just gotten my laptop fixed. My Macbook Air completely died on Thursday. It won’t turn on and I had no backup computer. I had to wait to get an appointment with the Apple Store until Saturday afternoon, tossing a wrench into my weekend trip plans and my homework goals for Friday. So I got this new computer and I’ve been very proud of it. It’s got a ton of bells and whistles (LED fans? Yes please!) and a 1TB hard drive ($40!). But It’s huge. and the monitor is all wrong because it’s honestly just my old TV.

It’s nice to be online but I’m cringing inside at the thought that I could have saved $200 (or $500, after counting getting my laptop fixed) by simply agreeing to send off my laptop to the warehouse. I wouldn’t have used my credit card for such a large purchase and I’d be in a better place for school, too.

Why oh why do I always end up regretting my money spent? Maybe I should just focus on not spending money (debit card). First, a day. Then a week. Then a month. But, I will spend money. It’s a given. Gotta buy gas, right? But that’s a necessity. Not some superfluous expense, like morning coffee or dinner with a friend. I want to cut those out completely and just dedicate all my money to getting out of debt, the mound growing ever-higher before me.


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