The point at which you choose your friends

I have acquaintances from all walks of life. But at what point do they move from being an acquaintance to being a friend?

There are many types of acquaintances. Friendly acquaintances, business acquaintances, and hobby acquaintances (which could also be friendly acquaintances).

Friendly acquaintances are people that you’ve met a few times at gatherings with family or friends. Business acquaintances are people you’ve met through business and can be both good and bad. And hobby acquaintances are people you’ve met through a hobby and know only in that position.

And then there are real-life friends. How do you know if someone is your friend and not simply an acquaintance? Do they support you in your goals? Do they listen when you talk? Do they contact you regularly, at which point you are glad to receive their communications? Do you see them outside of work, school, or functions, like birthday parties and whatnot?

They say you can count your friends on one hand and I agree with that statement. But what happens when a friend stops being a friend? Or when you stop being a friend to them?

I’ve chosen to distance myself from a few people lately for one reason or another, but all valid in my book. And I think that I may become distanced from still others in the future.

But, here’s to new beginnings and NOT telling my parents I’ve gone on dates.


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