This was a good week

I started the week by taking my computer in for repairs. The Apple store sent it out on Tuesday. Then I went on a date, which was pretty awkward. Tuesday I attended a procession for a fallen firefighter in Denver and comforted a crying stranger.  Wednesday I went to the home of my partner for class projects for the semester and we put together a video recording lecture for one of our classes. Then on Thursday I went shopping for a suit after work. I never found one but I had a good time looking and beating myself up about needing to lose weight. And then on Friday I went to class all evening, delivering another group presentation, this one on Batman comics. I think we did well with a few hiccups. I’m trying to push that we should put less information on the slides. But the professor indicated it’s a good thing. Idk where to go from here but it can only be up! Saturday we had another full day of classes. I gave a classmate a ride and it was nice. The relationships I’m developing with my cohort members are unexpected but quite welcome. Someone even told me that they noticed that i was smiling and making eye contact through others’ presentations and it helped quell their nerves and made the presentation better. Then I picked up my computer, went to dinner with Henry, and watched Unbroken. It was a fine week to have and I’m extremely grateful for it.


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