Titles tie me up

I never know what to say about what I’ve written.

The morning opened bright and crisp. Fall is in the air and I couldn’t bring myself to go out and enjoy it. There was so much else to be done today, none of which I accomplished.

I watched two movies: Jane Eyre (2011) and Our Man in Tehran (2013). Both were excellent. This version of Jane Eyre, I enjoyed very much. Mia Wasikowska delivered an excellent portrayal of Jane. The lack of the friendship between Jane and Miss Temple was disappointing. It left her time at Lowood more desolate than even the book. Our Man in Tehran is a documentary from the Canadian point of view of the Iranian hostage crisis. It did a much better job describing why events happened as they did as well as inserting some commentary on Americans. For example, the Canadians had a simple, cheap, and easy plan to get the six hostages out. But, the US came back and said “Nah. We’re going all in! We’re doing Hollywood!” It was informative and a great story, start to finish.

My sister’s softball team is going to state for the first time in 10 years. They are the lowest ranking team going. The final game was a nail-biter against another high school from their district, who they’ve played twice before and lost both times. They ended in the 10th inning, 5-3. My sister, who is one of the team captains and a graduating senior, scored the final run of the game.

There’s a lot else going on, I’m sure, but I’m limiting myself tonight. I watched a music video that got me thinking how awesome it is to be (almost) 27 years old, morbidly obese, single, and still living with my parents. And I’m turning 27 this week. My brain is tired, my emotions are tired. I need a break, I think.


2 responses to “Titles tie me up

    • Thank you for the well wishes. My birthday was Thursday and everything went well, since there was no plan. This weekend is the softball state tournament so I’m going to that tomorrow. And hopefully I can swap my sheets to the flannel set and install my new heated mattress pad

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