The 27 commandments

Each year, I aim to improve myself, to better my mind, my attitude, and my position in the world. It rarely, if ever, happens. So, I’ve decided to write down a list of things I want to achieve in my 27th year on this Earth.

  1. I will remain sober. No drugs or alcohol. I want to remain present and alert at all times this year.
  2. No sexual release. No intercourse, no heavy petting, no self-satisfaction, and no pornography.
  3. Read the Bible. Listening to it is fine. But at 27, it is something I should have accomplished by now.
  4. Schedule my weeks. I need to be more consistent with my duties and my time. I can’t go two weeks without washing laundry and I need to file my papers as I receive them, not as months go by.
  5. Take a legitimate holiday. One week with no work concerns, no emails, no phone calls. I want to travel somewhere far away from my family and what I know and am comfortable with, and relax. Read a few books, maybe cook a few meals, and just be.

I’m hoping that by doing these five things, I can achieve a clear sense of self and clarity in my desires and needs, personally, professionally, and religiously. I hope something good happens.


2 responses to “The 27 commandments

  1. Last year (or two years ago?) I had a goal to read the entire Bible within a year. Sadly, I let other things get in the way, and I only got to Matthew. I need to refocus myself.

    All five goals sound great. I wish you the best of luck with them! 🙂

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