No classes til January 20th!

First, I’m procrastinating finishing a three page write-up. I currently have probably a page and a half but they’re spread across all three pages with page breaks and the like. I think of something I want to write but need to fill in from one theme to the next. I’ll get there…

Second, I was offered (and accepted) the editor position at La Voz in Denver. This means that we are hiring for my graphics position.

Third, the office is moving way up north. There won’t be much difference for me, maybe 5-7 miles increase per commute but one of my coworkers lives way far south and it’s going to be nearly 40 miles one way.

Fourth, grad school picks back up January 20. I  will be alone at home from December 25 to January 2. This means I can get some books read as well as some video games played, although I hope to finish the book before they leave.

Fifth, I’m going to pay off my lasik ASAP. The increase in pay will help and I’m considering just dedicating the entirety of the pay increase toward that as well as paying down some student loan interest before the end of the year. Who knows. It’d be nice to pay it off by June, though.

Sixth, with the office moving, I looked into apartments near the office. Then I looked at the price for gas. If my gas exceeds $800/month, I’ll consider moving but until then, I’m staying put. I will never get that high. I’d need to drive close to 16,000 miles to reach that, based on driving approximately 2,000 miles and paying $111 for gas.

Seventh, I made a website for grad school: It’s about academic libraries and librarians. I started a blog on there too but I doubt I’ll update it regularly.

I hope you all have a great holiday season. I look forward to seeing you throughout!


4 responses to “No classes til January 20th!

  1. Good to know some good things are happening in your life. Hopefully the trend continues.

    I too hope you have a good holiday season, and hoping mine gets better than it started, especially considering that this might very well be my last.

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