Something good

I’ve been having a rough time, focusing on all of the bad and/or stressful things I’m going through right now and I just feel like I should find some good. So, here is a list of good things that have happened in my life in the past week.

  1. I obtained an interview with an electronic resources librarian for school. 10:30 on Friday.
  2. I finished all my schoolwork on time, and even with time to spare.
  3. I painted my own nails and they look pretty good.
  4. My commute today was shorter than normal. Only about 50 minutes, compared to the 90 minute commutes I had on Thursday and Friday.
  5. I went to an event and met people that I’ve only spoken with over the phone.
  6. I had no cavities after not going to the dentist for three years.
  7. I’m reading a really good book (The Little Paris Book Shop)
  8. I visited a bookstore for more than an hour yesterday.
  9. I got to spend the weekend with my siblings and nephews.

Some things are bittersweet but still technically good.


2 responses to “Something good

  1. Given such an extensive list, it almost seems like nothing can be wrong in your world. Positivity is really what sustains us as people. Great focus… keep it going… pass it on…

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