It’s supposed to snow Tuesday

Back to winter, I guess. Anyways, I went hiking with my sister and four nephews this afternoon. I didn’t take any photos but my sister did. We took the wrong trail from the one we’d planned. We wanted to take the pave trail but ended up on the “natural” trail. It was extremely muddy in places and there was a lot of snow as you approached the creek. But, it was a nice 2ish hour hike.

There weren’t extremely beautiful vistas, but you could see pretty far across a small valley/pasture and there was a rock formation that my nephews climbed all over. I hope we tuckered them out pretty good but I’m sure they’re wired right now while I’m sitting here yawning.

I took a jacket but left it off for about half the hike because it was pretty warm out and I was moving around a lot. I’m looking forward to going back another day and hiking a different trail with  them.

So, the first hike of the year was a success. I’m hoping to at least start walking every day, just as far as we hiked today (about 2 miles round trip, I’d say) and really start getting into shape in the hopes that I can kind of get out of this funk I’ve found myself in.


2 responses to “It’s supposed to snow Tuesday

  1. We hit 67* today in NE Ohio, and we had our windows open all day in the house. How bizarre for mid-February!!!!!

    But the hike sounds like a lot of fun, and walking is an easy form of exercise. I’m trying to walk as often as I can, too.

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