I’m shouting for joy! (Silently)

I bought a 6 month subscription to a Catholic dating website. It was already a month in and I had received only one message from anyone. So, I decided I must take action, to get my money’s worth! I blanket messaged each and every man that had even glanced at my profile. I received a few responses but decided one in particular was quite interesting. So I chatted with him extensively. He was moving to Denver. Then, my grandma passed and I lost track of time and didn’t check the website, just my emails. Finally, I got on and sent a message. One thing led to another and I asked him to meet me for coffee sometime.

Tonight, he messaged back with his phone number and accepted my invitation! I’m hoping this goes well!


3 responses to “I’m shouting for joy! (Silently)

  1. Careful. I would venture to say most Catholic men are looking for a woman to be barefoot and pregnant according to the teachings of the Catholic church. A childfree woman on birth control is liable to get shafted.

    I’m not saying don’t do this, just tread with caution.

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