Date wrap-up

We met at a coffee house near the University of Denver. He was much taller than his photos and other information indicated. He explained that his entire family is extremely tall and that’s likely why.

We talked about everything from work, to family, to plans for the summer. We shut the place down! Ok, it closed at 5 pm, but still. I thought we had a very nice afternoon and upon parting, expressed interest in seeing him again with a simple hug.

Upon arriving home, I sent him a text telling him that I had enjoyed our afternoon chatting. His response was a bit lackluster, which has left me feeling like something went extremely wrong that I am just not aware of. Only time will tell.


One response to “Date wrap-up

  1. Have you talked with him again since the brief text convo after the date? Anyway, who knows. I know I’m sometimes flat in my emotion when texting. Hopefully you will be able to see him again!

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