You’re the love of my life!

I’ve had many “love of my life” people. I’ve loved many people, either romantically, in a friendship way, or simply as a human being.

But right now? I love my family. I care for my coworkers and friends, and I’m fine not being in love with anyone.

I wrote last week about a date I had. It was ok. I felt very positive about it initially but after a week with no contact whatever, I’ve closed my mind to that person as a romantic option.

And once the mind goes, the heart has no choice but to follow. I’ll not stand for that nonsense.

But, I joined a dating website for a reason. I committed to (paid for) six months. The way it is supposed to work is that they offer you matches and once you indicate an interest in someone and they’ve also expressed interest in you, you’ll each get a message saying that the other is interested. So, I decided to not limit myself and just say yes to every single person that is suggested. Not one has popped up saying they’re mutually interested. I could go through and make up a bunch of BS and spice up my profile, but why? What is the point anymore?

I’ll not be here alone forever, but it feels like it some days.


4 responses to “You’re the love of my life!

  1. I gave up on relationships after Emily and I broke up. I’ve not been on so much as a single date since, and that’s been over 2 years ago.

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