I got a butt massage and it was amazing

Ok so, it wasn’t only limited to the butt. However, it was amazing.

I’ve been trying to get an appointment with them for the past several weeks and have had little to no luck. So I finally just showed up at the salon yesterday afternoon and set an appointment for today for an 80 minute hot stone massage with Candy.

When I arrived, I had turned off my phone because it was giving me some issues and I’d just received some troubling news. I had been looking online for what I should do after the massage to ensure the best way to spend the remainder of my day. I found a news story that suggested being completely nude was the best way to go. I had heard this before and had been told by the spa that the therapists wouldn’t touch you anywhere beneath clothes or move your clothes out of the way.

So, I decided to be completely nude today.

Candy began on my neck and shoulders, where I told her I have a lot of tension due to working on a computer and sitting all day. She incorporated the stones almost immediately which was nice. She went over my back, shoulders, and lower back extremely thoroughly on the right side and I felt like she stiffed the left a bit. She hit my lower back which is extremely sensitive to any sort of pressure and left it feeling pretty great. I hope it feels better for the next therapist I see. She then placed a row of hot stones on either side of my spine, which were surprising and which stung a bit but I just brushed it off due to the fact that my skin is extremely sensitive from time to time when it comes to pressure and temperature. Then she worked on the backs of my arms and hands, which have a tendency to go numb from time to time.

And then she covered my upper body and moved to my lower body on the right side, butt, leg. and foot. The spent a lot of time on each of the areas and I feel like she covered a lot more than they typically have time for. I was concerned with where she was touching, if she’d accidentally go too far or touch a more intimate area than the cheek, but she didn’t. The hot stones being dragged and rubbed across my skin were amazing. I felt the heat dissipate into my muscles and just knew that I’d feel better later. She repeated on the other side and again I felt like the left didn’t receive as much attention and work as the right.

She then covered me completely and had me turn over so she could work on my front. She placed hot stones under my shoulders to loosen the tension and went back to working my my feet and legs. She worked on the tops of my feet and on the muscles on the front of my shins which get so sore so quickly for me.

She then covered my legs again and moved to work on my upper body, my scalp, shoulders, arms, and upper chest. She got to all the knots and worked them out from other angles and roughed up my scalp a bit to loosen the tension there. After she finished, she pointed out some things that she noticed during the massage, like the fact that my hamstrings and butt were extremely tight and that I needed to drink extra water.

Overall, it was an excellent service and I hope that the next one I get is equally as good or better. And, I’ll take it all off again.


2 responses to “I got a butt massage and it was amazing

  1. Woah, the hot stone massage sounds phenomenal. I should suggest it to my mom, who is in chronic pain (she’s getting surgery this summer for spinal fusion, which will alleviate the pain since it’s a spinal pinch or something – I don’t remember the exact thing).

    I should probably try this to relieve my stress and tension, but I’m really weird about people touching me hahaha

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