My godfather was life flighted to Peoria, IL tonight. He apparently had a stroke and/or an aneurysm. I hope he is ok.

I hope they don’t take it personally if we don’t send flowers when he gets out of ICU. I hope they don’t expect us to.

He’s the man my mom had an affair with. I hope they don’t know and they never find out.

He was also an alcoholic for many years. He crashed his vehicle more times than I remember, and certainly racked up his share of DUIs. He missed his kids birthdays, holidays, and many other things because of his drinking.

But that doesn’t mean I want him to die, or even suffer at all. I just don’t want to see him, associate with him. As you grow up the rose colored glasses fall off and you see people for who they really are.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family tonight.


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