Time is ticking away

I submitted my official written notice three weeks ago. These are my last two weeks. Ten work days. Seventy Hours. Every time I think about how unprepared the business is, my head spins. But every time I think about what they’ll do when I’m gone, I think “Fuck that. They’re on their own!” I understand my boss asked if I would be a sort of on-call IT person but I think they need an actual IT person. Maybe a company that they contract to handle all that stuff, from the website to the phones to the computers and other auxiliary machines. I don’t want anything to do with that place when I’m done.

When I think about all I need to do and training three people how to do my job, my head spins. I get tense and stressed.

This is the last week of the summer semester. I have submitted most major assignments already and this week will be dedicated to completing a database creation assignment. I am looking forward to this semester being over. Then one week of only work, then one of nothing. I shouldn’t say nothing, though. I scheduled all my doctor’s appointments for that week. I have an interview for an internship. My sister is going to college on Thursday. And just like that, my “week off” is not off at all.

Only time will tell how this thing called life will work itself out and how I can hope to get some time to myself for once.


One response to “Time is ticking away

  1. My last two weeks at the country club had me thinking most of the time “they’re on their own!” for when I’d eventually leave. I hope your last days there go smoothly and that you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders once you’re gone.

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