Welcome to the future

There is a 100% chance that I will cry while writing this. I always do.

January 1, 2017

Such an innocuous day. Nothing bad to say about 2017 so far. But 2016 was one heck of a roller coaster.

In January, I helped my boss at the newspaper hire someone to replace me as the graphic designer. He seemed to know what he was doing those first few weeks. I also started my fourth semester of my master’s degree.

February, the Broncos won the Super Bowl! I joined a website called CatholicMatch.com. I began looking around and received a few messages but nothing extraordinary.

March, my grandma died. I remember the night it happened. Wednesday, March 30th. I was working on a project for school that needed to be finished that night. Henry called me right after I found out and shut me down with the simplest question: “how are you?” (tears here). I had to hang up and call him back later because my throat closed and no sound was going to come. I also danced so hard one night that I couldn’t walk right for almost a week!

April, we had the funeral for my grandma and the entire family came, even cousins from out of the region. It felt like a party with nobody really devastated except one aunt and my grandpa. It proved to me that life goes on.

In May, my youngest sister graduated high school. We had a party, like always, and everyone had a great time.

In June, Henry went in for his first series of surgeries for a tumor resection. He was in the hospital through July 22. They removed over 30lbs of tissue, including tumor, muscle, and bone. I spent every night with him. I had a breakdown at work one day and ended up telling my boss that I hated working for her and that I would be leaving in mid August.

In July, my brother got married and we welcomed Christina officially into the family. Many relatives came from my mom’s side of the family and we had a very nice time together. Henry got released from the hospital on July 22, the day before my brother’s wedding, but had to go back a few hours later thanks to some septic tissue that none of the doctors or nurses realized was there. He underwent a series of surgeries to remove the dead tissue and started a round of intense antibiotics.

In August, I left the newspaper on ok terms. After my initial admission, I kept my thoughts to myself and tried simply to not make waves. I began my final semester of graduate school and interviewed with the Denver Botanic Gardens for an internship in the library, which I got and pursued joyfully. I also scheduled all my doctors appointments for the year the week after I left the newspaper. I got a call and had to go in for a colposcopy (they scrape abnormal cells from your cervix for testing) and endured that well.

In September, I received a call that I have what is called CIN II, which is considered a pre-cancer, and should be removed ASAP before it makes it to stage 3 or full blown cancer. So, I read everything that I could find about the procedure and what will happen. I thought I was ready but when it came down to it, they had me hooked up to everything and I was extremely tense. When they started, I think they misjudged the distance and ended up jabbing me in the cervix which was horrific and terrifying. I couldn’t stop shaking and had to stop the procedure so now they want to put me under to do it. I just don’t want it done, to be honest. I started my internship at the Botanic Gardens. Henry got out of the hospital for five days at the end of September.

In October, I realized I should get a job and applied at Macy’s again for a seasonal position. I worked about 24 hours in November and then in December, I worked 40+ hours. I was nervous to go back but happy that some of the same people I enjoyed before were still there. I went to a family reunion in Missouri with my parents and saw many family members for the second time in a year.

In November, I finished my internship and most of my graduate work. I was sliding into home in relation getting my degree. I started Christmas shopping and spent some time with Henry. He finally got out of the hospital in the first week of November and has managed to stay out since.

In December, I officially completed my degree in Library and Information Science. I began applying to jobs more diligently and widely. I finished Christmas shopping. Henry had his last surgery. My youngest sister returned from her first semester at college. I worked like I had nothing better to do (I really want the money) and began looking forward to January and 2017 so that I can prepare myself for the new challenges in the new year and how I can possibly keep only one job while still making sure all my bills are paid. It’s probably going down to 20 hours per week after this week and I’m worried that I’ll have to find something else in short order during a time when companies just are not hiring.

And that brings me to 2017. My goals for this year include getting a job in a library, moving out of my parents’ house, and drinking more water. I’d also like to take a vacation and maybe pay off one of my student loans. Goodness I’ve been so tired lately, I just come home and lay down, usually even skipping dinner.

Here’s to a happier 2017!


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