I got one of those “anti stress” coloring books and decided to try it out tonight. I opened to the first page and was presented with a scene of bees harvesting pollen from some flowers. And I became suddenly overwhelmed with the proposition of coloring each of the flowers and bees differently. I can see how it might come together nicely but it’s intimidating to think that I might select a color scheme for the image only to wish I’d selected a different set of colors.

Fun fact: often when I do something and immediately regret it and want to change things back to got they physically were moments before, I always think to myself “ctrl+z! ctrl+z!” For those unfamiliar, that is the “undo” shortcut on a computer keyboard. It never works for me in real life though.

And here’s a photo from last weekend. A road across the property.

The road less taken. Versailles, MO, USA

Happy weekend!


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